Synergy Feeds 


Synergy Feeds is a 50/50 partnership between Ag Plus and Ceres Solutions (formerly North Central Co-op). Started in September of 2009, Synergy Feeds has continued to grow and expand its potential with most of its deliveries averaging within a 100-mile radius.



Particle size (micron) testing -  Grain particle size is one of the primary factors that dictate starch digestibility in both ruminant and mono-gastric animals. Grain that is not processed well enough results in slow or incomplete digestion and low feed efficiency. 

Toxin testing

Sample submission testing for complete feeds

Wean-to-Finish and Grow-to-Finish swine management programs  Contact our Swine Management Team




Who is Synergy Feeds LLC?


Synergy Feeds has concentrated on quality assurance and safety as a high standard. Staying ahead of the Federal mandates for animal food safety, Synergy Feeds is able to track all ingredients from source to farm, including the delivery bin. All suppliers must be approved before we purchase any product from them. All incoming bulk ingredients and outgoing bulk feeds are sampled and retained for 6 months.




Contact Information

401 N Main PO Box 306

South Whitley, Indiana 46787 

Contact James Schinbeckler or Terry Stoy at South Whitley for your Synergy Feeds Orders. 

Phone  260-723-5141