Ag Plus meets producers' grain marketing needs by providing access to end-user markets, competitive bids, and pricing programs. Our experienced team provides competitive prices, transportation needs, drying, and storage service, and we take pride in unloading grain quickly during the high-volume harvest season so your operation doesn't experience bottlenecks. If you have any questions feel free to contact Dave, Laura, Larry, Mark, or Ron for your grain marketing needs.

On Farm Grain Pick-up

Ag Plus will pick up grain from the farm with our semi-trucks.  If you have farm storage or are looking at grain pick up from the farm during harvest, talk to us about what we can do for you.  Contact Dave Reichhart for more information.  

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Sign-Up

Watch the video below for a walkthrough on applying for USDA payments through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, and follow the link to get to the calculator!



June 30th 2020 USDA Report

Wanting to learn how to manage Vomitoxin??

Click on the link below to find the video! 

Corn School Managing Vomitoxin


Daily Grain Comments

December 1, 2022

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Non-GMO corn and beans

We have a grain buyer looking for truckloads of non-GMO old-crop corn and beans.  If you have uncommitted non-GMO corn or beans in farm storage that are not sold, contact Dave Reichhart to discuss.


Trucking/On-farm pick up

Ag Plus will pick up grain from the farm with our semi-trucks.  If you have farm storage or are looking at grain pick up from the farm during harvest, talk to us about trucking we might be able to do for you.  Contact Dave Reichhart for more information.

Closing Market Comments

The big news in the markets today was the EPA released the new proposed Renewable Fuel Standard levels for 2023 thru 2025.  The Biodiesel standards were 2.76 billion gallons this year, 2.82 billion next year, 2.89 billion in 2024 and 2.95 billion in 2025, all these numbers were well below expectations.  They also announced canola oil would be eligible for RINS and that Canada could ship product to the U.S. and get credits.  Cellulosic Biofuels were increased from 630 million this year, 720 million next year, 1.42 billion galloons in 2024, and 2.13 billion in 2025.  Ethanol use for this year was 15 billion gallons, same for next year and 15.25 billion each for 2024 and 2025.  These number caught the market off guard and soybean oil was limit down, pulling down beans and meal as well.  Corn and wheat quickly followed beans lower.  Soybean oil closed limit down, all the bean, meal, and soybean oil futures will have expanded limits tomorrow.  Rumors are China was buying Argentina beans today.  We sold 136,000 MT of beans to China yesterday and 114,300 MT or corn to Mexico for this marketing year.  Corn sales were 23.7 million bushels last week, 22.8 the previous week, 40.2 last year with 19 to 39 expected and 35.7 needed per week.  Soybean sales last week were 25.5 million bushels, previous week was 25.4 and last year at 39.1 with 20 to 37 expected and 16.9 needed.  Wheat sales were disappointing at 5.7 million bushels, down from 18.8 the previous week and 20.9 last year with 11 to 23 expected and 10.4 needed.  The Dollar was sharply lower but failed to lend support to the grains, closing down $1.222.  Gold was up $55.40, silver was up $1.180.  Crude oil was up $.63 at $81.28.  Stocks were mixed today Dow futures down 194, Nasdaq up 5, and S & P down 3.  Next USDA WASDE report will be released on December 9th at noon.        

 Support on March 23 corn is $6.53-3/4 and $6.38 and resistance is $6.69 and $6.75.  Contract high is 7.68-1/2.  Support on January 23 beans is $14.18 and $14.00 and resistance is $14.49 and $14.78-1/4.  March wheat support is at $7.71-1/4 and $7.66 and resistance is at $8.00 and $8.08.  Contract high is $12.85.