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Daily Grain Comments

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Ag Plus will be hosting an agronomy day focused on fungicide applications for corn and soybeans.  The event will be held July 25th at the Ag Plus Acre Watch Plot on State Route 14, east of State Route 9.  It will start at 10:00 A.M. and will finish with lunch.  History tells us that in stress years, applications like funcides and weed control are more important than ever.  Please come and hear from BASF and the Ag Plus staff more about the importance of fungicides.  If you are planning to attend, please notify your local branch or salesman.

Ag Plus is now offering free Delayed Price at all locations on corn and soybeans until 9/30/19, subject to the new rates in effect at that time if not sold by 9/30/19.

Markets opened higher on lower ratings last night but failed to hold into the morning session.  Traders feel like the crop has caught up and is looking better so they have become sellers.  Not much fresh news overnight.  Still talk of China buying grains, just having them take what is on the books would be very positive.  Brazil had a shipment of beans rejected because of low protein, maybe this will help our sales and shipments.  Corn rating was released today at 4 with 57% good/excellent, down from 58% last week and well below last year at 72%.  IN was 35%, down 4, IL was 42%, down 4, OH was 35%, down 3, MI was 42%, down 4, IA was 63%, up 1, NE was 77%, up 1, SD was 58% down 4, MN was 57%, down 1.  Corn silking was 35%, up from 17% last week but well below last year at 78% and 5 year at 66%.  IN was 23%, 44% below average, IL was 36%, 48% below average, OH was 18%, 38% below, IA was 41%, 305 below, NE was 40%, 30% below, MN was 21, 35% below average.  Soybeans were rated at 54% good/excellent, unchanged from last week but well below last year at 70%.  IN was 36%, down 2, IL was 45%, up 4, IA was 64%, up 1, NE was 73%, up 2, OH was 30%, down 3, MI was 46%, up 2, SD was 47%, down 5, and MN was 60%, unchanged.  Soybeans blooming came in at 40%, up from 22% last week but below last year at 76% and 5 year at 66%.  IN was 21%, IL was 30%, IA was 47%, NE was 46%, MN was 47%, MI was 23%, all about 35% below average.  Winter wheat harvest was put at 69%, up from 57% last week and below last year and the 5 year both at 79%.  Spring wheat was rated at 76% good/excellent, unchanged from last week and 3% below last year.  Spring wheat heading was 92%, up from 78% last week and below last year at 96% and the 5 year at 94%. The dollar was up 505 points, gold was down $9.40, silver was up 9 points.  Crude oil continues higher trading up 73 cents at $56.95.  Stocks were higher on a possible debt extension, Dow futures were up 147, Nasdaq up 59, and S & P up 19.    

Support on September corn is at $4.22 and $4.15 and resistance was $4.54-1/2 and $4.64-1/2. Support on December corn is at $4.20 and $4.12 and resistance is at $4.54-1/2 and $4.64-1/2.  Support on August beans is at $8.72 and $8.62 and resistance is at $9.18 and $9.23.  Support on November beans is at $8.90-1/2 and $8.81-1/2 and resistance is at $9.37 and $9.47.  Support on September wheat is at $4.85-1/2 and $4.75 and resistance is at $5.18 and $5.25-1/2.