Ag Plus meets producers' grain marketing needs by providing access to end-user markets, competitive bids, and pricing programs. Our experienced team provides competitive prices, transportation needs, drying, and storage service, and we take pride in unloading grain quickly during the high-volume harvest season so your operation doesn't experience bottlenecks. If you have any questions feel free to contact Dave, Laura, Larry, Mark, or Ron for your grain marketing needs.

On Farm Grain Pick-up

Ag Plus will pick up grain from the farm with our semi-trucks.  If you have farm storage or are looking at grain pick up from the farm during harvest, talk to us about what we can do for you.  Contact Dave Reichhart for more information.  

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Sign-Up

Watch the video below for a walkthrough on applying for USDA payments through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, and follow the link to get to the calculator!



June 30th 2020 USDA Report

Wanting to learn how to manage Vomitoxin??

Click on the link below to find the video! 

Corn School Managing Vomitoxin


Daily Grain Comments

October 22,  2021

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Non-GMO corn and beans

We have a grain buyer looking for truckloads of non-GMO old-crop corn and beans.  If you have uncommitted non-GMO corn or beans in farm storage that are not sold, contact Dave Reichhart to discuss.

Free DP on Corn and Soybeans!

Ag Plus is now offering free delayed price on corn and soybeans delivered to any of our facilities.  Corn and beans will be free until 9/30/2021, subject to charges in effect at that time.  The wheat was free until July 31, 2021, and since then will be $.05/month until June 30, 2022. 

Trucking/On-farm pick up

Ag Plus will pick up grain from the farm with our semi-trucks.  If you have farm storage or are looking at grain pick up from the farm during harvest, talk to us about trucking we might be able to do for you.  Contact Dave Reichhart for more information.

Closing Market Comments

Markets opened unchanged to higher, sold off, then rallied into the morning break.  After the break, bean sold off and wheat set new highs for the day.  Wet weather and wheat planting concerns pushed wheat higher closing up 15 cents on the day.  Corn ended the day up 6, beans down 3 with new crop beans down 6.  Minneapolis Hard Red Spring wheat closed up 27-3/4 at $10.13, first time over $10 since 2012.  BAGE has the Argentina corn crop at 55.0 MMT, with 26% harvested.  Malaysian Palm Oil was down 44 Ringits overnight but closed up 65 for the week.  French corn harvest is 32% complete compared to 75% last year, late planting and wet weather is delaying the harvest.  Russia announced they were increasing interest rates 3/4% to 7.5% to slow inflation there.  Evergrande did make their $83.5 million bond payment today.  The Dollar ended the day down 158 at $93.605, gold was up $12.90 at $1794.20, silver up 223 at $24.375.  Crude oil rebounded from a lower day yesterday to close up $1.49 at $83.00.  Stocks were mixed today with Dow futures up 56, Nasdaq down 148, and S & P down 7.  Traders will be watching the weather this weekend to see how harvest will continue and wheat planting will advance next week.        

The support on corn is $5.27-1/2 and $5.21-1/2 with resistance at 5.40 and 5.49.  Support on November soybeans is $12.20 and $11.88 with resistance at $12.49-1/2 and $12.62-1/2.  Support on December wheat is at $7.34 and $7.27 and resistance is at $7.59-1/2 and $7.86-1/2, contract high.