Annual Scholarship Program

Ag Plus 2019 Scholarship Guidelines

 There will be four (4) $1000 scholarships available to four students that meet the following criteria:

1. The student must major in an agricutlural field that includes forage, turf or landscape related programs.

2. May be enrolled in a two-year, four-year or trade program of further education. 

3. Scholarships will be available to any high school seniors along with freshman, sophomore and junior college students enrolled in an Ag related field. 

4. Applicants must demostrate both leadership abilities and academic performance. 

5. Must live in the Ag Plus trade area.

6. Applications are due by March 31st each year with the winners being named on or after May 15th. 

7. Applications can be obtained at any Ag Plus location. 

8. Transcripts and references are required with this application. 

Selection Procedure

Selection committee consists of five area producers that will meet and make the selection each year. Ag Plus managers and/or employees do not serve on the scholarshop selection committee.


To be eligible for the scholarship, make sure to have your application turned into the South Whitley Ag Plus location by the March 31st deadline.


Please be sure to address them per below:

Attn: Sharon Sands

PO Box 306

South Whitley, IN 46787


Applications that are postmarked by March 31st will be eligible for consideration. You may also email your application to up until 11:59pm on March 31st to be considered for the scholarship.


Payment will be issued to the applicant once Ag Plus has received proof of enrollment and a picture of the applicant to be used for publicity. 


Downloadable applications are available here. 

2019 Ag Plus Scholarship Application




Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship winners:

Elizabeth Michel, daughter of Jeff & Amanda Michel

Justin Johnson, son of Brian & Colleen Johnson

Ashley Uecker, daughter of Nicholas & Debra Uecker

Jordan Winebrenner, son of Justin & Nicole Winebrenner












Elizabeth Michel   Justin Johnson   Ashley Uecker  Jordan Winebrenner

Past Ag Plus Scholarship Winners




Christy Penner   Vern and the late Sharon Penner
Jennifer Springer   Larry & Teresa Springer
Courtney Brumbaugh   Mike & Carla Brumbaugh
Emily Griffiths   Carl & Rebecca Griffiths
Christy Penner   Vern and the late Sharon Penner
Samantha Eberly   Tony & Annette Eberly
Cody Riecke   Dean & Jody Riecke
Thad Wysong   Jeff & Andrea Wysong
Kathryn Brumbaugh   Mike & Carla Brumbaugh
Stephanie Camden   John & Vicki Camden
Gayle Peters   Gary & Ginger Peters
Katie Barnett   Cindy Barnett
Austin Flack   Steve & Lisa Flack
Tyler Johnson   Chad & Gina Johnson
Katie Barnett   Cindy Barnett
Colton Geiger   Dalen & April Geiger
Colin Nicodemus   Bryan & Hilary Nicodemus
Amanda Shepherd   
  Duane & Paula Shepherd
Jared Lamle   Tim & Annette Lamle
Shane Grime   Mark & Laura Grime
Lindsey Dierks   Todd & Melissa Dierks
Taylor Eberly   Tony Eberly & Annette Tracy
Makayla Mobley   William Keith & Julie Mobley
Tricia Van Gessel   Kevin & Nancy Van Gessel
Liza Airgood   Andy & Kari Airgood
Kathleen Jacobs   Paul & Heidi Jacobs
Leah Hefty   Micah & Danielle Hefty
Karilyn Riehle   Doug & Tonia Felger
Jordan Hoffman   Dean & Jami Hoffman
Kathleen Jacobs   Paul & Heidi Jacobs
Dayna Kyler   Todd & Tina Kyler
Elizabeth Michel    Jeff & Amanda Michel