FC limit Up, C EP down, Fast mkts Coming, Qtr End Event


Go at it trading long corn boys. Dollar in play. Everything in play.. MUTE the NEWS rest of week in EVENT. It will, strike, could hurt you. Watch the ineer Goldman circle came from option old timer, humm. Go figure.

Consider supporting my platform to get good dope (mkt info 1890's) like videos and voice files to go along with some illustrated charts. Or get ahold of me another buck higher in corn.

NGE OLB hit. Not all mkts covered, but they are covered levels wise.

Watch out for a hogs though?

Corn spreads have years to be made the next year.

For those that never hear from me I assume that if from Stanford you cheat. Admissions? I rest my case on Edu email addresses.

If you want to learn for free then study Goldmans trading as I have since they escaped ruin when 30year was banished. Start there then crude on way down to $28.95 Apr. Yep OLB monster.

You have seen tariff OLBs in X, Alcoa near miss, now FDX is doing deathcross and you, yes you,

have no idea of whats in the forest right in front of US.

20% moves have ensued on half dozen. Tsla hit OLB1, up what? 70 or 100.

One person can not trade ALL MARKETS.

I can provide GS CQG premium data charts where the high in EP was 1/2 of one tick off high tick.

An algo line. Sell 50 with a three tick stop worked. Now back under OLS2 we HELD, BROKE, CAME BACK to same pivotal level.

Get it?

You simply stand at my levels and play hard for Pros, Farmers I will call with fill, then it breaks too much under support.

You SELL THAT LEVEL, next time up.

This time it was next bar then tattoo down to OLS1.

These were violated for a day and kept (NASD 7777) A LID, on rally.

To me I think they are Loaded LONG STOCKS. Can we break 20% or more?

20% chance and maybe this is the big one. Its hard for me to fathom how public investors are not MORE CAUTIOUS like today.

Sell spus my levels and use as pivot.

Home machine epu was 26 off mem and low. It calc.s. a little different since it CQG Tweaked a smidge different.

Trading Professionally is not easy. It is not cheap either but what I do now are videos and voice files when things need to be said,even pounded the table in Corn for users feed and ethanol back by my CZ 3.66

Pre report rules. Thats what you might learn.

Im too busy to learn trading.

Switch BUSY with LAZY.

Your too lazy to learn how to play markets THAT GO NOWHERE ANOTHER QUARTER HOGS.

Dead Ass Even AT OLIVE BUY.

Go look at your premium chart service on your own.

I just gave a hint.

A free tip. Can't use it much especially if your not wired for every piece of data that puts concise levels and strategies your trader PROFILE uses. Dumb it down.

Risk 1000 to make $7k which is about how much Hogs broke per1 lot folks. Heg 90.50 was a deadly olive extreme sell and panic was rife.

I had a NEW CLIENT FLIPPED SHORT A FEW and I was scared listening to all the utter useless, in retrospect but I pound table on what ingredients are to Panic Chaos Algo Tops or mini- Crashes.

Diamonds condition blaring now in what.

Bearish candles or whatever,

things I have recently showed at a lot of these bottoms.


BEARISH ACTUALLY BULLISH is taught with live examples.

I am a floor trader mindset.

You look for good trade setups that can move 20% in less than 14 days in LBN! These are live in quite a few stock charts I sell. A roadmap for a guy with NO CLUE on levels and certainly not going to do homework in such an expensive arena.

Avoid the CHOP.

Do not want to sell Beans on Emotion under $8.50 after a break

(Before Summer Drought) from where we just rallied back to this week. Get it. Mean reversion for Geeks.

Not over either. Beans had sells up here and higher. OLS missed by 2c. 950.

What do I teach about when they run too fast down.

Mkt catches higher than my level like CT.

Now I ask you why?

What rules go in place.

You may need a brain drop that at least can get your brain to comprehend WHERE NOT TO GET GUSSEY ed UP.

Long meats or short grains into summer. Im a Bean Bull of yesterdecades.

I also pointed out about how long it takes to make your year. 6-8 weeks and you can crush them and leave and take a vaca.

Give up Farming and learn how to trade here?

Broker assisted or educational.

Or just the charts with levels and you make it out.

It keeps attention of the ones that immediately get the charts since the lines in spus the last week was spot on. One time lucky event or good fundamental line drawing using the data the Pros use.

Expensive systems do not have same capabilities if you do not have the right input.

Yes you can be close. Those 6 tick to 60 ticks or more I can save off your sloop can be advantageous for more than a few reasons I explain.

Or just get levels monthly package and throw some support for someone you keep coming back to after you soon drop off my radar.

At Tudor what I did learn is to think lie a Macro Money Manager looking for the exit door with a package (big position).

I am Very BEARISH STOCKS OLS HERE. Wednesday into QuarterEnd.

Sell retirement account before we go into recession by yearend? Late news- Signapore is going there by yearend, new news since my thoughts. Email for a chart or get connected on the dog, nassdog.com

Do you think in advance?

I think stocks could bust hard.

If you had not have dropped the year in hogs, meats this would be a great time (with rules, stops) to go at NASD SHORTS hard. 7777 easy to remember and I teach how to spot that. And the GE under $7. Hint-gsdevil#.


Double buckle up.

Fed Reserve if they lower rates?

I have a gameplan developed over my entire career of what happens when FRB gets reckless.

News- Insider HFT crowd has been discovered.

Always use stops to stop risk loss. Get good chart levels and do not buy bulges. Really, on a buck rally in beans? Don't be a sheep.

Alan Palmer

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Frontrunning is why these mkts move so fast.