NASD Stocks, Sell Program hits. GC Targets, Hogs, chart

Speculators Farmers Ranchers Traders Hang On.

Gold day 4 of neckline breakout. When it breaks out, it's like they flip on switch. Next level substantially higher, red. Ask for chart if interested but Tudor nails another call so far.

If your trading real money may I suggest getting in this forum. So many mkts let's one line, a few.

CORN- boy its glued up here. Chart is example of what you might learn on how NASD hits an OLS and while not perfect, we had a live selling pattern down. What is it? STOCKS ON high alert. BEANS hit 923 that big declining TL this time touch lower than last week

I was thinking we buy a break but a new high stop is probably warranted. CnCN0 OLB -23.75 if spreading and we all should have corn spreads on in my opinion.

FEED NEEDS next year? Explosive to upside at any time.

Commercials spreading bearish suggestions may be a trap. Write down now whom told you so next year you go technical analysis. Let me sell you why charts and lines is all we use. Homework must be done, charts updated when things change.

Lotto early frost calls? Feel lucky? This is first year for corn spreads in long time.

Bonds- top pickers I have olive2 extreme higher. 156 ish ols1.

Stock mkt- We are in an area where if we break under EPU 2932 this might be slowdown swanols2. Stand by your trigger. People may look back and regret all in up here.

Is this Japan, or another 3 month 30%-er? Yeah down. All short bets off higher or until.

NASD100 Live- 7777 yesterday high all day. Overnight ditto. Olive algo sells quietly, little slippage.

This is an olive sell hit and filled.

Any stock indexers out there?

Buy Gold sell stocks? Dont start too early in EP but be on guard.

This $250mil drone? A drone costs as much as a building? One! A quarter Billion bucks and Farmers taking too much from system on Biblical Rain? Take it.

US is backing Iran in corner. I do not like. War mongers do. Is Google the Govt? tol.

Can this start a baby bust depression into retirement?

Thinking out loud. Does your guy have ideas like that?

HOGS OLB down here but keep a tight leash (sell stop) on it. Diamond city live condition, down and dirty. Nothing about China hope and prayer matters in trading.

We are still over Feb lows and 17 day rally was it?

Expect unexpected. If you want to learn charting, trading or any thing else you have seen displayed here then why not do it now? Email for a slick chart your product. I have 500 charts laying around.


Beans- I have some levels above.

Metals- play these macro lines, 284 was OLB.

Boz- 2nd time down, NL.

Nat Gas- hit a decent OLB last week. If you need a hedge against having to dry corn in Fall?

What's your guy say? Then give me a call or email and let me show you my artwork in every market and how it works.

US Stocks- Ask me for what's hot or what your in.

UPS or FedX has a Death Cross live. You will hear about it later. Like when GOldman, MSCI was it what up 32% then Chi Tech dropped 20%.

By the time you hear about it

It's a fade?

That's what I hope to help with. Trader's must be skeptical. Too low we want to buy.

Update- CQG user new client saw Hog OLB right away now that I help program his brain, machine

if you will.

Best of Trading and thanks for the interest.

Alan Palmer

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