Ag Plus Feed

Ag Plus has been committed to the feed business since we first opened our doors.  In the early days, almost every farm had a variety of livestock and poultry, plus horses which provided "true horsepower."  Nowhere has change been more evident than in the livestock and poultry farm operations of today.  While the numbers of farms with animals has declined, the livestock and poultry numbers have been relatively stable due to concentrations of animals in large, highly specialized farming enterprises.  At the same time, the number of small farms has increased significantly and Ag Plus has identified ways to better serve these customers well.


Today, Ag Plus maintains two modern drive-thru facilities providing bagged livestock, poultry and pet feeds; as well as fertilizers.  Our investment in a new feed mill --known as Synergy Feeds-- will serve our livestock producers efficiently for many years to come.


By partnering with a neighboring co-op, we ensure Ag Plus will be capable of efficiently producing large volumes of feed and serve customers beyond the general vicinity of our mills.


Our team of feed professionals has experience that touches every aspect of the livestock industry.  Customers rely on this expertise to provide the best solutions for their specific needs.


No matter what size operation you may have, from pet owner and hobby farmer to commercial livestock, Ag Plus can meet your need.  From bagged products to semi-loads of bulk feed, we are dedicated to providing you the feed you need to meet your animal's nutritional requirements.