Agronomy Department

Locations: South Whitley, Raber, Churubusco, Woodburn
Each location is designed to fit the specific needs of the area of coverage. We have trained personnel with years of experience in the fields of mixing, field mapping, soil sampling, applying, and safety. Extensive on-going training in fertilizer, chemicals, and pesticides keep our people at the forefront of the industry.

To help our customers get the most effective use of their land at the least amount of cost, the Ag Plus agronomy team offers a Precision Management program for soil. This program is a comprehensive soil fertility audit specifically designed specifically for your farm and precision farming needs. Ag Plus only carries products that we know will work for you, and that we can be proud to stand behind. From seed to chemical, we have you covered with some of the best products on the market. Please contact your local Ag Plus location for product information and professional consultation. We are ready to answer all crop questions--give us a call and we will be happy to tell you more about our extensive services. 

Contact any of our agronomy locations by phone, or by email.    
Mike Sims: Agronomy Manager
Scott Chanley Agronomy Manager
Jerry Semler Seed Sales
Tom Warner: South Whitley
Mike Earnhart: Churubusco
Terry Richert: Woodburn
Bryan Azbell Raber 
Don Kammeyer Maples 
Jeremiah Geiger Briggs
Sara Fearnow Agronomy Sales 
Bill Hitchcock Agronomy Sales 
Priaxor Soybean Application

All across Northern Indiana soybeans are rapidly approaching or are at the crucial timing for Priaxor applications!

R3 is the sweet spot for Priaxor applications and is defined as:

Beginning pod - pods are 3/16 inch (5 mm) at one of the four uppermost nodes”


Click here to watch a short video on staging soybeans


Don’t let your grower fall into the trap of an old fungicide with a new name.


Spray the product that has proven itself year in and year out as the best!





Will it pay to spray a fungicide this year?

2014? Yes!

2015?  Yes!

 2016?  YES!


Don’t look back and wish you would have sprayed!

Don’t leave money on the table!